Philosophy of Professional Polyurethane Screen Mesh Supplier

Shengkai has been running business based on integrity and quality since 1993. We take pride in being a professional manufacturer of polyurethane screen mesh, woven vibrating screen and perforated vibrating screen in response to the demand of our customers and world market.

Over two decades, Shengkai has been continuously developing with the basic philosophy of integrity, innovation, Rigorous and globalization.

  • Integrity. Integrity is our basic and most important philosophy. It is the key link between Shengkai and our customers.
    • Price validity. In our quotation, we will provide price validity for our customers to allow them time to consider. Our price will be protected and won't change during the validity date.
    • Quality assurance. We will communicate with our customers about all of the details and then put into production. We guarantee what we show our customers is what products our customers receive.
    • Warranty period. All of our products customers received have warranty period, during the period, we will supply installation instruction and debugging as well as the technology support. We have professional technical team to solve the problems customers meet.
  • Innovation. Innovation is the key to enterprise development. World is in rapid growing, grow or die is in our deep heart. Life-long learning, continuous innovation and development are shortcuts to conform to the trend of the times and stand out from competitors.
  • Rigorous. Rigorous is our principle of staff. Stick to rigorous attitude, our staff can ensure the quality of products and let customers feel our intentions.

    Sales representatives need rigorously confirm every details with the customers, so that they can give a correct and accurate feedback to the workshop.

    • Workers in the workshop should rigorous to operate the machines according to the operating principle so that to ensure the self-safety and improve production efficiency.
    • Test department is the judge of the products, they must be rigorous to ensure every products delivered to the customers are all qualified.
  • Globalization. Located in China, we will not focus on the native market and competitors, we should look at the world. We should commit ourselves to a position with forward-looking vision and market sensitivity. Only in this way, can we walk in the front of world and supply more and more useful products to our customers and all the worlds.