Polyurethane Trommel Screen - Easy to Replace Worn Screens

Traditional trommel screen meshes, such as woven trommel screen mesh and perforated trommel screen mesh, use the bolts and nuts to fixation. When we need to replace the worn screen panels, it is a huge waste of time. Polyurethane trommel screen has change this situation.

The polyurethane trommel screen is a type of polyurethane screen mesh specially designed for trommels. It applies interlocking fixation type to offer a fast and simple installation. Additional, it is easy and convenient to replace worn or existing screens.


  • Material: polyurethane and embedded steel frame.
  • Thickness: 20mm - 50mm.
  • Hole type: square, slot, oval, rectangular and other hole are available.
  • Hole size: 2.5mm - 130mm.
  • Color: red, yellow, blue, orange, green and any other colors you want.
A piece of orange square polyurethane trommel screen on the white background.

Square hole polyurethane trommel screen.

Several pieces of blue slot polyurethane trommel screens on the white background.

Slot hole polyurethane trommel screen.

A piece of blue polyurethane trommel screen with round holes.

Round hole polyurethane trommel screen.

A piece of blue polyurethane trommel screen with oval holes.

Oval hole polyurethane trommel screen.


  • Interlocking fixation for easy installation and fixation.
  • No effort to replace the worn screen panels.
  • Polyurethane materials for high wear resistance.
  • Smooth surface for high screening efficiency.
  • Large range of existing aperture sizes available.
  • Different screen panel sizes to fit various trommels.
  • Save time and reduce maintenance.
  • No special fixing skill or method required.


  • Polyurethane trommel screen is specially designed for screening and separating trommels.
  • Polyurethane trommel screen can be used for screening various materials, such as sand, stone, gravel.
  • Polyurethane trommel screen can also be used for materials dewatering.

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